Hey guys, thought Id share this here, it is my remix of the MakerFarm Greg's Wade Extruder to run Flexible filament. It is test with SainSmart and runs it perfect.

Couple things you need to run a drill bit a bit larger that your filament, 1.8-1.9mm through the feed throat from the bottom, the does a couple things, smooths out the the throat and also finished the hole in the wedge.

Final thing is the you need to do is use a standard size Dremel sanding wheel to sand the face of the wedge that meets the bearing just enough for the bearing to contact the filament instead of the wedge.

Other than those two things it will assemble the same as the stock one.

TPU Makerfarm V2(1).stl

Now my question for you guys, does anyone have any setting for these, either Cura or Slic3r? I can't finish a print on a part that is dependent on a severe overhang. I have see this part printed before so i know it is possible. My issue in my test part with the same overhang amount is as the over hang progresses the top will start to curl exponentially until the part starts moving my cooling fam out of the way or the part gets knock off the bed. If it does print then the top will have a hump across the seam where the over hang came back together.


This print failed and was knocked off the bed. The rest of the printing structure is nearly perfect.