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    Flashforge Creator Pro - new . stops and drops plate suddenly


    so glad I found this forum. I just purchased a flashforge creator pro.

    Printing a part in ABS it works flawless.

    Printing Nylon it prints the first 5 layers of the base then suddenly stops, build plate drops to bottom almost like it's finished.

    Temps of nozzle are 245 and bed 105 nylon comes out nice and smooth for those first layers I can't see a reason it would stop suddenly.

    Any ideas?

    thanks so much

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    This has nothing to do with material or speeds or anything like that. The Build plate will drop if it told to do so.

    Either your program is incomplete/corrupt. Resave to your PC and then transfer to your SD card.
    Or you are running via USB which is basically asking for trouble.

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    hence my confusion.

    I've built multiple files with slightly different temps of bed and nozzles so there has been about 4 different file saves to my SD card.

    ABS file works no problem.

    I will try the resave option once flashprint saves the file originally.


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    One thing to know is this printer has PTFE tubes in the extruders so any sustained temps over 235-240 will damage them. If you want to do certain types of materials you will need to go to all metal hot ends.

    Ok, now! Whjat firmware version are you on? It will tell you on the display screen when you turn on the printer?

    Also make sure to have the latest version of Flashprint. There have been good updates.

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    I say again, the program controls the steppers. The material is irrelevant.

    WB is right in that Nylon requires a higher temp thus an all metal hotend is better. This will have no effect on the stepper that drives the HBP. The program is either corrupt/incomplete or you are running over USB.

    1) Save files to PC, not directly on SD card.
    2) Do not use USB. Run programs off SD card.
    3) Try formatting SD card (FAT 32) and eject card correctly.

    If you have not had a single complete print since your first ABS print then it could be a hardware error, although I doubt it. Do the above first.

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    yep definitely a corrupted x3g file.

    reslice and check your sd card for dodgy sectors.
    In fact try it via usb that way you can determine whether it's the card file or slicer.

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    Must have been something weird with the saved file (albeit 3 saved files in a row) saved a 4th time after I formatted the SD card again and it went through the print fine.

    Never would have occurred to me as ABS prints were saving fine. Strange.

    I am using 3.15.0 checking for updates says I have the latest.

    My printer has firmware 7.8 I believe?

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    yeah, none of those questions were relevant :-)
    It was obviously a corrupted file - well obvious to me and sebastian anyway :-)

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