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    3D Printed Fashion Show in Albania

    3D printed dresses and fashion accessories are no stranger to the top runways, and recently, a fully 3D printed collection of dresses created by fashion brand ONUS and 3D modeling and printing firm 3B Army were worn not only by fashion models, but also competitors in the 2016 Miss Globe Albania competition. The collection, which features 3D printed dresses that actually look wearable, took roughly six months to create, and was presented at the international fashion show event in November, in conjunction with the Miss Globe Albania 2016 event. This was the first fashion show to feature a fully 3D printed clothing collection from the Balkan region; both ONUS and 3B Army are located in Albania. Read more at

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    Thank you for sharing. This is the first time I've seen clothes printed on a 3D printer. I looked on the Internet, during all this time there were many shows where models were in great outfits printed on a 3D printer. It's become an art form. And I can say that I like it. But this outfit is suitable for art and the podium, but not for life. So, I recommend to all fashionistas an online shop where you can find new hot deals. For example, in these dress and jacket I bought there (you can see the photos) I feel like a Queen. I also ordered a cool swimsuit for a vacation (if the borders are opened) or for the pool of our country house. Well, I love fashion and shopping, thank you for sharing with me the news about clothes printed on a 3D printer. Honestly, I still can't believe how this news got past me.

    jacket 2.jpg

    laces dress 2.jpg
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    Thanks For Sharing About 3D printed fashion looks great

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    Bad Fashion

    It always has its own place in fashion. But most of the fashion trends are bad. They just like bunch of bananas which soon be rotten and need to be replaced soon. Read more

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    I really appreciate the concept you have taken here for the fashion show Kindergarten in Muscat and so I thought of watching it so that we can get more idea about the new fashion concept that you have taken

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