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    monoprice mini select trouble. please help.

    I have been running into non stop problems with this printer all day. the current issue is that my printer will attempt to print but the extruder does not even attempt to try and push filament. if i warm up the nozzle and go to move the extruder in the moving options it will push the filament out and move, but it will not do it on its own while printing. I have also noticed that the nozzle has moved to pretty much touching the board on its own so i will need to fix this. is this related or a new issue? please help. I am so close to just selling this after owning for 1 day.

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    What slicer are you using?

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    And if you are prepared to give up after just the one day - perhaps 3d printing, in its current state, is not for you.
    I think it took me a couple of weeks before I could get consistent prints when i started.

    have you read the manual on printer calibration ?
    And are yu trying to print from a memory card or from a usb cable ?
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    If the nozzle is to close to the bed then it is likely contributing to the problem. A good bed level and proper nozzle distance is key before anything else.

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