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    Looking for Printer - Need Help

    I need help. I'm looking for a 3D printer under $1000 that has good accuracy and resolution. Preferably less than 100mm layer height, such as 50. The issue I'm having is I'd like to have it large. 16"x16"x16", or somewhere around there at least. Going a bit bigger (like gcreate size) would be better if I can keep the precision. I don't mind it being a kit as long as I don't have to make accurate cuts or tap holes since I don't have a means to do this. The gcreate 1.5xt looks great but is expensive. The Cr-10 Plus looks good, except it doesn't have a heating bed, an haven't seen much for reviews on it and it looks a little flimsy and in need of supports. I'm wondering if on the larger machines like that if the moving bed would cause issues; I'm not sure what the disadvantage is in having X and Y both be on the nozzle side. (Bonus points to those who answer that). Is there something out there that fits the bill? Would I be better off designing and building my own? If so, if I do something like the Cultivate3d Beast (in that it is more of a box-frame instead of a flimsy-looking standoff in the middle), about how much would that end up costing (in $$, not hours) when all is said and done? Again, doing that would give me issues if I have to thread holes or precision cut metal rods/beams.

    Thanks for any and all help! Please try not to flame me too bad...I know I'm being a bit picky here.

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    I would slightly prefer a machine with a moving XY bed rather than nozzle if there is a choice - the tension on the filament stays the same so the extrusion is more even.
    If the feeder is at the extruder side also you don't need a bowden system resulting in much more consistent extrusion and better long-term performance.
    The Beast looks like a great printer. For accuracy and size also look at delta printers like the HE3D K280. I am interested in a delta printer that can handle 3mm filament and am still waiting on Symme3D to launch - if anyone has any ideas for other 3mm delta printers let me know!

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    To turn a 1.75mm delta into a 3mm (usually 2.85) mm machine.
    All you need is to drill out the holes in the extruder and get a 3mm hot end and feed tube.

    Any particular reason you want 3mm ?

    To answer the original question.
    There's a thread around where someone bought a square framed kit for a reasonable amount.
    I'll try and find it.
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    I was able to get the cr-10 dimensions or damn near it out of a Tevo Black Widow printer. under $800 all in with auto bed leveling and all modifications. And there is a big support community on facebook for the black widow. Unlike this dead forum. Here is what I did with my Tevo black widow:

    The Tevo Black Widow printer can be had here:

    And The awesome facebook group for tevo black widow printer owner's is here:

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