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    CTC and windows 10

    Hi to all,

    Sorry if this has been raised before, but, i have been away from this forum and just rekindled the wanting for a 3D printer, but, like the vast amount of people, have gone over to win 10 home O/S, in its self, a very good and i find stable O/S, but, how is it with useing with said CTC 3D printers and, if their is any software etc etc etc i would need to D/L, would be grateful for the lo down so to speak on this subject, and, many grateful thanks for any help/support in this request..........

    My very best regards to all................................Tom........

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    I use win 10 pro and just installed the software off the SD card (replicator G) that came with the CTC dual.
    It works without any problems caused by windows.
    Just gone to octoprint on Raspberry Pi and that works.
    Currently running the win 10 creators edition preview and that works.

    If only I could work out what a cura profile for the CTC dual looks like. as repG is producing some odd errors in its slices of small items and I want to model 1:148 stuff.

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