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    Make a model in blender, exported to STL, looks great, nothing prints!

    I must be missing a step here (and pardon me but it's Day 1, so super-noob). I made a model of an arrow in Blender, exported it to STL. If I double-click it I get a nice preview of it, and it's about 50mm, the size I'd expect.

    When I load it into BoXYZ, my printer's interface, I can then slice it, which works. But it winds up with no work to do - prints nothing. It says the object is manifold.

    I'll attach my STL file, maybe someone can see something brutally obvious. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Solved it! Turns out that the dimensions in Blender are ignored. I had set it to 1.0" and the default unit appears to be mm, so it came out as 1mm.

    I changed that to 50 and now it's printing...

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