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    HELP! Looking For GOOD Models for Printing 1:200 Scale!

    I am in SERIOUS need of two specific military vehicle models that are PROVEN at 1:200 scale. They are models of the US M2 Bradley IFV and the Russian BMP-2 or BMP-3. PLEASE let me know if you have them or know where to find them. I have scoured all of the usuals (Yeggi, Thingiverse, etc.), and I can't find anything that will print decently at this scale, even after being run through MakePrintable. the models just aren't made do scale down for printing. I'm getting desperate!

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    Ever thought of modeling them yourself? Or, if that's too difficult, hiring a modeler to do it for you? Waiting around for someone to do exactly what you want and then give it away for free is a strategy, I suppose, but it's a long-term one at best.

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    The issue is that there are free M1 tanks, Paladin Arty pieces, T-90s and on and on, made for that scale, but the Bradley and BMP, which are more plentiful in the real world, are curiously missing. I'm thinking it's a matter of complexity, which means I would spend many hours designing I don't have, or spending money to have it designed that I don't have. I am hoping someone had already cracked this nut.

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