Wondered anybody can recommend a foundry in the UK to help a customer cast some jewellery from 3D printed castable resin .

The castable resin starts burning off from 300C. It speeds up about 375-400 C. There is no melting point. It straight goes to burning off. The investment cast that has been used in the past is Plasticast from Ransom and Randolph but this is not to say this is the only choice. The burning off procedure that has been used in the past to cast rings is:

Preheat to 167C hold:0Mins
INsert Flask at 167C Hold:0Mins
heat at 1C/min to 177C hold:30mins
Heat 2C/Min to 732C Hold: 3hrs
Heat at -2C/min casting temp Hold 1hr

This is the information that we currently have.
If any body has any ideas, guidance or knows of somebody who can help we would be grateful for the info.
The resin is Daylight Castable resin