I had an idea while at work today and thought of creating a 3D printed city, where I'm going to map out and sculpt terrain which will have plots where people can send in their 3D prints or the files for me to print out and paint. Then I add them to their respective spot. I want to make 3 different themed cities where one is a downtown city with sky scrapers and tall buildings, the next one would be a castle type design and the last one being a Utopia futuristic themed city where in there's mono rails going through buildings, oddly shaped buildings and statues. Really the limits of the cities will be our printers capabilities. Since I don't want to leave you guys out of the picture each building will have your name somewhere or if you designed a street your name would be the street name. And I want to do a video series on it that will be posted to YouTube where you guys can keep up with the project and vote on what the next project is. Of course this is too much work for me and I wanted to know if there are others out there that would like to pitch in and help model buildings and houses. As of now this is all hypothetical but if I get enough help and submissions by Friday 03/17/17 I'll start laying out and planing the terrain and plots. If you're on board just post an idea and explanation of what it is you'd like to add.

Thanks, I hope this becomes and awesome community project where we make friendships and the greatest model cities.

P.S. If you have other ideas that could help that doesn't necessarily regard 3D printed objects, those would be greatly appreciated as well.