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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaze_Hawkins View Post

    follow this link. the company has a WIDE variety of filament types in 2.85mm (3mm) filaments, and you get 10% off your first order with that link!! woohoo!

    That looked promising. The PETG was a little more expensive than MakerGeeks. Until I read the detail page. Its only a .75kg spool so that $34.95 spool comes out to $46.60 per KG. Compare that to $24.55 per KG from MakerGeeks.

    Looks like MG is going through their website and changing over to a Shopify Plus framework. Maybe that will cure the issue I have with them as to not knowing what is and is not in stock. And hopefully they will actually ship product once they get a real cart system.

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    Ha I saw the thread title and I figured it must be because of ebay.. the same pain.. why is it all the 3d printers they all ship from California? the thing I hate is I can't get a faster shipping speed.

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