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    TPU with Supports

    What is everyone's take on printing TPU with overhangs? Arches to be exact.
    On the top and bottom of the gap where the TPU comes of ends up with a really ugly edge.
    I have read that your not supposed to use supports with TPU. What do you guys do?
    I am printing with sainsmart TPU, Creator Pro, Simplify3d

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    Lowering the layer height and temperature will produce better arches.
    Also for the specific height at the top of the arches you can lower printing speeds for more consistent extrusion in those areas.
    I believe Slic3r does that, it also lets you use variable layer heights for more efficient printing.
    Another good slicer for TPU is Craftware because it has a lot of ways to customize the support structure which is great for flexible materials.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I will try to adjust the layer height. I have found if I lower the temp around that area the bottom of the arch comes out stringy.

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    There is a thread here somewhere about this very thing. I believe in it somebody mentioned using PVA as support material.

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