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    New Printer Tristarbot M1

    Buy This from amazon

    Product Features

    • Assembled printer, you just need to install the platform with 4 screws and connect some plugs, then you are ready to print.Metal frame, strong, durable and low maintenance
    • We use graphite lubricating brass bearings for all axises, assure smooth and quiet moving, low maintenance and accurate printing.
    • Special design Extruder, it's easy to load and unload filament, and this extruder assures that you can print all flexible filament, including TPE, TPU, NinjaFlex, and flexible PLA.
    • Powerful heated bed can reach as high as 130 degrees-Celcius, and with 280 degrees-Celcius hotend, you can print PLA, ABS, PA(Nylon), HIPS, PETG, Polycarbonate, PC
    • We offer update support, new and advanced components and firmware will be available.We offer tech support and 6 months components guarantee except nozzle and hotbed sticker,guarantee for the last two is 3 months.

    Product Description

    Extruder quantity: 1
    Build size: 210*210*190cm
    Layer thickness: 0.02-0.3mm
    Tetherless Printing via SD Card: Support
    LCD screen Control: Support
    Max Printing speed: 120mm/s
    Extruder diameter: 0.4mm
    Max Hotend temperature: 280
    Max Heated bed temperature: 130
    Hot bed material: Aluminum,Silicone
    XY axis positioning accuracy: 0.011mm
    Z axis positioning accuracy: 0.004mm
    Printing material support: ABS/PLA/Wood PLA/HIPS/Flexible/PC/TPE/TPU/PETG,Polycarbonate
    Filament diameter: 1.75mm
    Firmware/control system language: English/Portuguese/Spanish
    Files format: G-Code
    Device dimension: 42*42*53cm
    Device weight: 11.5kg
    Packing dimension: 63*50*25cm
    Packing weight: 12kg
    Control board chip: atmega2560, integrated board of ramps1.4
    Firmware: Repetier Firmware
    Operating system: XP,WIN7,MacOS,WIN10
    Printing software: Repetier-Host, Cura
    Working condition Temp: 10-30 degrees Humidity:20-50%
    Dual Extruder Compatible:Yes
    Warranty & Support:
    6 months components except nozzle and sticker with tech support
    Recommended Use:
    Beginner/Home Use, Commercial Prototyping, Education and Research

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    Nice looking machine.

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    just updated the price

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