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    Monoprice Select Mini Z axis problem

    Been using my 3d printer for months with no serious issues, minus some clogging. I printed off some mods and replaced the hotend with e3d with zero offset. While inside I added a second fan (1 for hotend, 1 for part cooling). Also added the z axis base stabilizers. After I reassembled the printer my Z axis is not working.

    I removed the threaded rod and checked the motor. It turns on but seems to go in only 1 direction.
    So, I'm guessing I have extra tension prevent from the threaded rod from spinning loosely? But don't understand the single direction. Need help. Any ideas?

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    Undo the changes made to the Z axis, and see if that helps.

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    Removed the motor completely. The motor works but only 1 direction

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