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    Structo 3D Reduces Costs for FDC Dental Group

    Less than a month ago, Singapore-based 3D printer manufacturer Structo 3D introduced its newest dental-specific 3D printer, the DentaForm, which came only a year after the company announced its flagship dental 3D printer, the OrthoForm, and its proprietary Mask Stereolithography (MSLA) technology. Structo recently completed a case study with one of its corporate dentistry customers, FDC Dental Group, a leading dental consortium of 21 clinics in Singapore, in which the company, and its dental 3D printers, helped FDC Dental Group reduce cost and streamline the production process of its clear orthodontic aligners. This was achieved by in-sourcing the entire production process of FDC's AAA Aligners brand. The case study with FDC Dental Group is a perfect example of how 3D printing technology is making a positive impact on the dental industry, where precision is really key. Read more at

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    Do aligners do anything for your teeth?

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    I've had a lot of experience with aligners. I didn't understand what it was for until I tried it myself. By contacting Invisalign provider, I was able to learn more information and useful features of this product. Now my teeth look fantastic, and my smile is very straight. I never liked the way I smiled in pictures before. I thought it was all fake and ugly. Now I don't worry about it because I like the results of wearing aligners. It is a fantastic product which is very useful.

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