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    50% off Tripodmaker delta 3D printers

    Hi Guys,

    My name is Pieter-Jan and I am part of the Tripodmaker Team.

    We recently started producing a new batch of our Tripodmaker Black Edition delta 3D printers. Unfortunately, a great deal of our powder coated frame components got badly scratched during transport from our manufacturer to our production facility.



    Therefore, we are having a limited deal to buy an assembled brand new (but scratched) Tripodmaker Black Edition for 1299 euro (including tax, excluding shipment).

    In a nutshell some specs:

    • Great looking delta 3D printer
    • 30 cm diameter build surface
    • 42 cm build height
    • Genuine E3D hot-end - up to 295 degrees Celsius
    • Heated bed up to 100 degrees Celsius
    • Inductive sensor for auto calibration
    • High quality machined parts
    • Works with open-source slicers (repetier host, cura, simplified 3D)
    • Comes with dedicated slicer to get started fast
    • more specs: here

    Order yours here, only a limited amount of machines available:
    Feel free to check out our customer stories here:
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    It's amazing! I really like Tripodmaker Black Edition delta 3D printers.

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