Hello everybody. It has been a while since I have updated this thread. And that is because I have been busy trying to flesh out a family business for my wife, kids, and myself.

Our small llc is struggling and we are trying to get our brand on social media to draw attention to us. We have started a YouTube channel and plan to only upload automotive repair and performance content to this channel. And we love sports cars.

At this point I have only my wife, 3 kids, and my other account as the only subscribers to our new channel. We will never post a sales pitch or ask for money or anything other than attention. But please can you guys show some support in our early days and come subscribe to our channel so we can be better noticed by the world?

Our new YouTube channel is SecondShiftPerformance and it is right here: (2) Second Shift Performance - YouTube

And our most recent video upload can be seen here: