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    Get involved in 3D printed food research!

    Iím Tom Gayler, Iím a researcher based in the UK with Dovetailed and Lancaster University. I need your help in researching the future of 3D printed food. I have designed a survey on your thoughts towards 3D printed food. It should take around 15 minutes to complete.

    Survey link: Perceptions of 3D Printed Food Survey

    Study Name : Perception of 3D printed food Time for completion: 15 minutes
    Any questions please email Tom Gayler (



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    got into the second page of the survey and just gave up.

    You can't ask questions about diet or how healthy new foods will be unless you are talking about a specific named food type.
    How healthy are 3d printed foods. Is not a question that can be answered unless you specifiy an actual type of food and the process of it's production.

    Otherwise all you are doing is weeding out the luddites.

    How can you answer a question like: New food technologies are bad, do you agree.
    Unless you have named a specific food technology.

    3d printed food is not a specific technology, it's a process that can be used with many different technologies and food types from chocolate to pancakes to layered cakes. All are 3d printed but the technology involved is quite different in each case.

    You need to re-think the questionnaire and use example food types to ask questions about.

    ie: would you eat a 3d printed burger.

    I can see the problems with producing the questionnaire, not easy. But the questions need to be a lot more specific.

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    I agree with the Aardvark; I took the survey too, and many of the questions were too vague to be meaningful. Especially when it referred to 3D printed food I would be preparing myself - it would help to know if I was supposed to be dispensing chocolate or some kind of meat paste from my home machine. And you seem to conflate it with new food technologies in general, like GMOs, which are a totally different issue.

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