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    How to find an inexpensive printing service?


    i recently ha d a small plastic case designed for me. The case is a small "clam shell"case that has two parts; two STL files.

    I uploaded the files to SHAPEWAYS and was shocked at the high quote I was given. the quote was based on NYLON model.

    I then uploaded the STL files to 3D HUBS and got a huge number of varying prices.

    I'm a little confused. I would like to find a good online printing service that offers good 3D prints without the high prices.

    can anyone make suggestions and help educate me.

    Thanks in advance

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    3d hubs is a service based on people with printers in your area. They have decided to let outsiders submit files to be printed on their equipment. Each 'hub' decides what is cost effective for them, based on time and materials. Without knowing somebody personally with a printer, a hub quote is about as cheap as you can find. As for the shapeways quote, you can request various materials I believe.

    Shapeways is not cheap, but you almost always get good results. Hubs can be hit or miss.

    If you want quality, you usually have to pay for it.

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    is there any way to filter for "quality"on 3dhubs?

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    nope. But if you choose someone close to you, you can simply contact them directly, and that will be a lot cheaper than going through 3d hubs.

    You might also contact your local college's design and art department. Probably someone there with a printer, these days pretty much guarenteed.

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    A lot of high schools and libraries also have printers. Look them up too.

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    Hi Portocar,

    are you looking for quality or just cheap? - Others that might be worth looking for is Meltwerk and i.Materialise, depending on where you're located on how many you need, they might be cheaper.

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    Hey Portocar,

    Check this out - $500 giveaway for 3D printing:

    Not sure if it's enough to cover what you want, but worth a shot to enter!

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    Shapeways can be pretty cost-effective for small parts, study the design guidelines and optimize the file accordingly for a much nicer price!

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