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    Anyone care to take a look at a pic of sagging and give input?

    The stringing you see is just remnants of the support I was using

    Maker Select 3D
    PLA 1.75mm
    .4mm nozzle
    .20mm layer height
    .8mm shell thickness
    1.2mm Bottom/top thickness
    10% fill density
    75mm/sec print speed
    200C Print temp
    70C bed temp

    I've taken a dial indicator to the bed and in the middle it bows down about .003" vs. the edges but I doubt that's an issue.

    2017-02-26 16.06.23.jpg2017-02-26 15.20.56.jpg2017-02-26 15.20.50.jpg

    Thanks for any input guys.


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    Looks like your supports aren't doing their job correctly.

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    For some odd reason there were no supports under those. it seems one side it printed fine as far as the radius goes the other it just botched. I have it set to support type everywhere and it does not support under there. I've added a pic of the layer and normal views. Do you really think a support would be needed for that area? Any input on what part of my config would cause this sagging? i assume it is something w/ my print config. as I see much larger overhangs w/o any supports.
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    My next question is, why are you printing this in such a inherently weak orientation? Lay that sucker flat. That plate will be prone to easily snap in half if you put any pressure on it.

    I'm Assuming those are bolt holes. Bolts create a compression force. If the layers are parallel the bolt shaft, the possibility of delamination under that compression exists. If the layers are perpendicular to the shaft. there's little chance of that hole failing.

    As to the support questions, any time you have material starting to be laid hanging out in the middle of the air, you're gonna need supports.

    EDIT: Ignore those first two parts. I went back and looked at your original pics again, and I see why it's not laying flat. I only saw the single plate in your last two pics. But yeah, again, it looks like your supports just aren't working right. Make sure you print supports on anything that over hangs.

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