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    Dual Extrusion Print Speeds

    Hello All,

    I am relatively new to 3d Printing I am currently buying a 3d printer (between the forge creator pro or the prusaMK2) and was looking into dual extrusion and wanted to know if when printing two different types of materials at once are you able to set the specific speeds (retraction print travel ect) for each type of filament? If so what programs have you found best suited for this?

    -Thank you

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    So far I've been using a clone of a FlashForge Creator Pro, which is the PowerSpec 3D Ultra...which uses the FlashForge Dreamer Firmware, has a touch screen interface, usb and SD compatible... purchased at Micro Center in store for about 699, and been using it for about 4 months now. Now it's 599. I love it so far. Still getting my feet wet, but have printed a lot of useful things so far.

    With the included software, PowerPrint which is VERY basic, you can print individual objects, or supports per extruder, and you can set individual travel speeds and temperatures of each extruder for the duration of the whole project. It can utilize Slic3r, Skeinforge and FFSlicer engines for slicing models (.STL or .OBJ) into gcode to be printed.

    I'm only familiar with the above, but I literally just bought Simplify3D software, and while I've been reading through all the settings, you can do all of what you are asking about in it. You can configure Multi-Extrusion prints, retract speeds, coast at end, well as being able to configure extruder settings on a per-layer basis by defining set points in the process settings.

    Hell, you can even tell it to calculate how much money is spent on making the print, and how much it will weigh.

    Haven't printed with it yet, but as a free software, going to a $129 license software... it's pretty remarkable what you can configure with it.

    As for any other software that would allow similar settings and adjustments, There's Cura (didn't have my printer listed), but don't know much about it.

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    what he said.
    With simplify3d, each head has it's own totally seperate configuration processes.

    Once you've got the hang of the way it works, it's brilliant software.

    I would say that my dual printing experiences with simplify3d have been 100% failures. The purgewalls just don't do the job.
    For dual prints I still have to use makerware.

    Hoping eventually they'll sort it out as they've sorted all the other issues I had with s3d when i first bought it.
    But at the moment I find it completely useless for dual printing - that said, it could just be me. Other people don't seem to have the same problems.
    And i haven't really sat down and really studied what's going on.
    Given that I currently just print the one item with dual extrusion. It's currently easier to just use my existing makerware x3g files.

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