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    Printing board problem

    Hello all,
    My father bought me a 3d printing board last year for my work. I am staying away from home. Recently I dealt with some problems like stringing and plastic overheating. Yesterday my printer stopped working. I tried repairing it, but it was of no use. My father told me that he'll get a new printer for me tomorrow. What shall I do with the old printer?? I read an article regarding the disposal of e-waste. So shall I dispose the printer or does anyone have any other suggestion? If anyone here knows any technique to fix my printer, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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    What's a printing board? You mean the controller board? What printer? What software? etc etc.

    If you really want to throw it away, check this thread:

    But if you really want, I'll take it off your hands free of charge. Just cover shipping.

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    Old Printers can be salvaged. There are different parts that can be salvaged and sold off or even used as parts in your new printer. Disposing of these types of items are usually tricky and must be done with care. Here are a couple of articles I came across recently. They give a detailed breakdown on how to deal with these items.

    Disposing of Electronic Waste

    Disposing of the Ink Cartridges

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    If the controller board is fried, you can have the printer back up and running for $15 or so with a ramps or similar. No need for a whole new printer.

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