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    Question Monoprice Select mini VS GEEETech pursa I3 Pro B

    Hi everyone, I'm new to 3d printing and looking to buy my first machine. I'm looking for something cheap just to get me into it and familiar with the programs and process. I also want to make sure I'll use it lol. i have experience with cnc machines and programming although I'm not sure how much the programs are relateable. I do understand g-codes though.

    Looking at the Monoprice Select mini for $265 CAD and the GEEETech i3 Pro B for 325 CAD

    I like the Monoprice Select mini because it's small, supposed to be very good, made by a good company with good support and comes ready to go. It's build area is a little small and I don't think it can use as many materials. Advantages are that it's small and ready to use and learn on. I live in a small apartment so space is a bit of an issue. Also it's extremely inexpensive.

    I like the GEEETech because it looks like a heavier duty machine. It also would allow me to know the machine inside and out and I would imagine it would be easier to upgrade if needed. I also like that you can use more of a variety of materials and the larger build area would definitely be useful in the future. However, I plan to upgrade significantly if things go well with the first machine anyways.

    I have done done some research and both these machines seem like decent options. Maybe someone can help heighlight the advantages and disadvantages of each machine.

    I am slo open to suggestions if people think there is a better option in my price range or slightly above.

    Thank you you very much, your help and advice is appreciated.


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    I have both of these machines. The monoprice mini is a nice machine. It comes completely assembled and you can actually be printing within 20 minutes of opening the box. It prints a little slow but good quality. The real downside to it is the 120mm cube you can build in. And because of the style of chassis it is not real friendly to upgrades and growing the build size. The GEEETech on the other hand takes some work to get it assembled:
    But once it is together you have a good understanding of all its components and how they go together and upgrades will go down easy. And the GEEETech takes very nicely to the upgrades. I have printed upgrade parts for my i3 I got the screen upgrade for cheap from ebay, I did the auto bed leveling and converted to an aluminum bed. I changed all the stepper drivers to drv8825, And I have every intention of getting longer rods for the y axis and a 300x200 heatbed. You can also easily convert the i3 to dual extruders. When you build it yourself the sky is the limit. or better, your imagination. The GEEETech is definitely the more robust and versatile machine of the two.

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