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    Decent first time printer,Anet A8?

    I been interested in 3D printers for sometime now,But never knew what I would do with it. But recently I joined a RC drone racing league and people are making cases,small parts and just ranom fun things to customize their drone,And I want in on the fun!
    This is something I would love to try,But I wouldn't know the first thing about them. If I understand this correctly,There look's like there are site's out there that give Free building downloads for some items where you just Download file,Send to your printer and print without even know hot to make anything,This true?

    I would like to start off just printing things,But I also want to know how to make things myself with programs "I have Zero Experience with this" Is there any free programs out there that I can download and work with to learn how to make something even before I get a printer?

    I was always under the impression that to get a decent printer you would have to spend a minimum of $1,000 and maybe this is still true,But as a fluke the other day I seen a ad for the Anet A8 printer on sale for under $200! I thought No way! So I looked up a few reviews and have to say for the most part people aren't saying to many bad things about it,Most common complaint is that you have to build it "which isn't a problem for me" But I seen these on ebay for about $170 shipped from a US seller. If most of the reviews are true seem's to be a great deal!? Or is there more I need to know about it?

    If you think the anet A8 is a decent start and can produce a decent printing,Or if this is complete garbage and I should just save my money and buy better,Please let me know.....Thanks!

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    I have an Anet A8. It is a capable printer, more than apt to print RC drone parts and frames. But be ready to spend some time configuring it, printing some upgrades and even risk having to deal with defective parts.
    Take a look at this video:

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