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    Help buying first 3D Printer

    I have only worked with a makerbot and a printrbot plus.
    My price range would be 1500 and lower if possible id like to stick below 800.
    I will mainly use it for building personal gadgets and possibly robotics. I prefer having the heated bed capability and also the ability to print with many different filaments.
    I appreciate any suggestions and if you have any questions about my preferences just let me know.
    Thank you very much.

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    you could do worse than looking at qidi tech

    Fully enclosed which lets you use abs easily and makes printing with nylon easier (just easier, don't get too excited, it's still a pita :-)

    Plus, you could also afford to buy a monoprice maker v2 (rebadged wanhao duplicator i3)
    For large prints.

    And just about break the $1000 mark.
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    Those Qidi's are pretty nice..... similar price point to where I bought my Davinci, but no proprietary crap, dual extrusion, and multiple filament mediums. I've been having some (more) issues on the Davinci after 650+ hours, and I might just be better off getting one of these than sinking any money into the XYZ. Hmmmmm.....

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    Thank you ill look into those two, I was also looking around and heard a lot of good reviews about the FlashForge 3d Printer Creator Pro do you know how it holds up to the models you suggested?

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    it's pretty much identical to the qidi.
    So, personally I'd just get whichever one was cheaper.

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