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    For something that size I'd probably use 0.2mm layer height not 0.3.

    Also do you have a print area cooling fan ?
    Good idea to use one - particularly with very small items.

    And what filament are you actually using ?
    Extruder Temps would suggest abs while bed temps would suggest pla, although too cool. (should be 60 for pla).

    So that's a little confusing. 235 is way too hot for extruding pla and too cool for pet-g and abs. While bed temp is way too cool for abs and petg and slightly too cool for pla.

    Also what surface are you printing on ?
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    He's printing with TPE type filament its in the title.
    The .3 is not the layer height its the initial layer height in cura
    235 is fine for the tpe temps

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