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    Help With Right Nozzle

    I hate to keep making posts, but I am at a lost of what is going on with my printer. ?The left nozzle prints fine, but the right nozzle does not. I have checked bed level and nozzle height multiple times. The right nozzle just balls all up around the nozzle and never lays down on the glass bed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    sounds like you've got some crap in the nozzle.
    Could be junk from filament or manufacturing fault (does happen).

    2 ways to approach it.
    1) buy new nozzles, few quid/bucks. This might just be me, but I always replace nozzles in pairs. Nozzles can rub across bits of print and i find that if you just replace one nozzle, they never match exactly.
    2) try cleaning it out. guitar strings are good for this. I tried tiny metal drill bits - they tend to snap in the nozzle and make things worse.
    If you've been using abs, soak it in acetone and then poke with the guitar strings (actually metal wire). If pla, heat and poke, also push a little filament in and pull it out. If lucky crap will stick to it. Cut end and repeat a few times.

    I think I've been lucky only ever had one nozzle clog in 3 years.

    Or, the right nozzle is not perfectly level with the left nozzle. Lots of advice for this in the forum.

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    Awesome, thanks for the input.

    I never thought about it being the nozzle as I can manually push the filament through. I am replacing the hot ends and nozzles today so if that is the case it should solve my problem.

    I have the small drill bits which I have used, but never tried a guitar string.

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    well the drill bits can potentially scratch or damage the nozzle, being flexible the guitar strings are less likely to do this, Plus easier to wiggle around a bit :-)

    Yeah a blocked nozzle, doesn't actually mean it's completely blocked. Just has something in it that's disrupting the free flow of the filament.

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    So, what material, temps, speeds etc. What is the glassed prep'd with?
    When I get what looks like minimal extrusion and the material gathering on the nozzle rather than sticking it is usually the surface prep is not good, gap between the nozzle and the bed is to small.
    I find that on two of my machines that the right nozzle tends to be lower than the left once installed in the machine so i shim the whole assembly. So check again the level on the right nozzle and the gap.

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    Hmm, never thought about that. I will have to try to find a guitar string that is the right size for the nozzle.

    Oh okay, makes sense. I changed out the nozzle, but haven't got a chance to try it out yet. I did find out though that the plastic extruder pieces I printed off a few weeks ago were the cause of problem I believe. They weren't causing enough bite on the filament to push it through the nozzle.

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    Material is PLA with a temp of 200 for the nozzle and 50 for the bed. The glass is prepped with hairspray (what I have always used and the left side was printing fine on it).

    Okay I will double check everything again. Like I said just replaced the nozzle and adjusted gap so hopefully it will work now. Just haven't got to test it.

    It may be a few days before I can also.

    Thanks for the help.

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    thanks whirlybird

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