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Thread: Stuck filament

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    Stuck filament

    Hello everyone, I had an earlier problem that is now fixed, but just ran into another. While changing filament in the right extruder, the filament broke right at the top of the extruder making it impossible to even get some needle nose pliers to grab the filament. I thought that I could just load some new filament and push the old through. That didn't work, seems like I got a pretty good jam near the top. I tried removing the nozzle and tube to somehow get the filament through with no luck. Is there anyway to get into the top of the extruder? Or maybe an easier, better way? Thanks for your help.

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    What printer? With the nozzle and the PTFE tube out it should come right out.

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    The whole assembly can be taken apart quite easily.

    Remove the allen keys holding the fan in place, remove the cable connector from the top of the stepper motor and gently pull the motor from the back of the block.

    The extruder will then be able to be pulled out and you can even disassemble this if required.

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    Thanks Todd-67 and noiseboy72.
    I figured it out, didn't know about getting to the feeder by removing the fan.

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