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    Beginner, just acquired USED Hictop I3 Prusa - Have some questions

    Hello. New to the 3D printing world but not technology. I just acquired a USED Hictop I3 Prusa with only a couple hours on the machine, the old owner did not have the time to learn and create so let it go for a low price. From what I can tell, it is similar to the 3DP08 but it does have a few differences it seems. The LCD face does not have a nice cover and is exposed. The motherboard is red and is stamped MK .3. I have seen the printing this printer has done as the guy ran a test awhile ago, so I know it did print. My question is, is there a way I can tell all the settings in the configuration.h file are correct? If I wanted to upgrade the hardware, would I only need to purchase a new motherboard, make the connections and then configure the board? I do not think this model has auto-leveling. Is this feature very helpful, and is it something I can add to this printer?

    Since I am into this printer for so little, upgrading this printer at this time would not be a problem for me. I plan on using CURA for printing, and 123D for my modeling, and most my models will need to be solid.


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    The controller you have is the same Controller I have on my 3DP11 and 3DP12 Hictops this controller should work for all upgrades to date.
    as I am using downloaded from here using auto-bed leveling and filament run-out sensor.
    After downloading there are changes to Configuration.h, Configuration_adv.h and ramps.h files. Depending your hardware needs.

    I have added a EFI shield as the noise levels were causing Printing errors, Filament run-out errors and SD menu garbage.
    My post under shows EFI Shield you can print install.
    This will save you a lot of headaches.

    Tell me what your hardware will be and I can tell you what to change in RC8BF-HICi3 software or post only Configuration changes you need to change.
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