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    Question Not exactly a problem, but I need practice

    I'm new to the whole printing scene, but I took a class that was mostly centered around 3D modeling in Autodesk Inventor last year, so I have some experience with that.
    However, I'm a little out of practice since that was nearly a year and a half ago. Therefore, I need some practice to get back into the groove, before I start 3D printing. (I ordered a printer today, it'll be here in two days. If anyone wants the link I can give it.)
    So, I'd really like some ideas of things to model which won't be terribly difficult but will help me regain some skills of modeling, so I can fully use my 3D printer.
    The software I'll be using for a while is Autodesk Fusion 360 for most modeling, 123D Design for some things, and Cura 2.3.1 for slicing.
    Thanks in advance to anyone/everyone who helps and comments. I really appreciate it.

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    well my go to items for printing and giving away are hollow trolley tokens ( also work in gym lockers that take coins, basically a narrow rimmed ring the size of the relevant coin) And a trolly key.
    Trolly key is A half coin on a stick with a hole to put on your keyring.
    Easy thing to design and make , usefull, fast to print and needs to be exactly the right size to work.
    And trust me, you can never have too many of either :-)

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