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    Engineer Combines 3D Printing With Travel

    Italian engineer Angelo D'Angelo has two big obsessions: travel and 3D printing. Worthy obsessions indeed, even on their own, but the creative D'Angelo has come up with a way to combine his two passions into an ongoing project that he shares with the world through his blog. A writer on several travel blogs, D'Angelo has also been working with 3D printing since 2011, and now, whenever he travels, he brings the city a little 3D printed piece of itself through a project he calls #3DprinTravel. Read more at

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    your creativity is amazing you can also gimp for this task because its open source and easy to use.

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    Oh wow, your job is fantastic! You must be very talented to score such a sweet deal. You should take advantage of it in every possible way. I could only dream of traveling to different places and getting paid for it. My cousin built his own business by traveling in various countries every month. He got into influencer marketing and was offered a good opportunity as well. He posts his Instagram pictures on a specific website and monetizes his content. He found that company by accident. Talk about luck! But now he can travel everywhere and make some money off it!
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    Blogging has always been the best Paisa kamane ka tarika. For blogging, you ???? ????? ?? ??????? ????? can build a website by investing very little money. In which you can tell people about a product or about a service through your articles?

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