I think it's well known that the factory extruder plate is terrible since there is nothing holding tension on the filament. I was trying to print a new plate with adjustable tension on a new CTC printer and couldn't get a print to finish because the filament kept slipping. I moved the spool around to different places and even set it about 2 meters off the floor and feeding straight in from the top and prints were still failing. Instead of waiting for an aluminum kit to arrive, I decided to try one more thing. I removed the extruder from the printer and loosened the screws to the plate, fed in some filament and pushed the plate as far as I could in the direction of the filament before tightening the screws down. Then I made sure the filament was still feeding before re-installing the extruder. Now the the extruder is feeding well enough to print another plate or get by until a kit can arrive. Don't know if this has been mentioned before but I thought I would pass it along to anyone having this issue and can not complete a print.