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    2,028 and Ripples Give New Meaning to Coffee Date

    Coffee and internet dating are reaching a new level as introduces a new program in London. On January 19th and 20th, Match is sponsoring a popup coffee dating event for members interested in trying something new and pretty high-tech for the world of java. Upon entering and ordering coffee, Match members are met with a menu of eight ‘choices’ whose countenances are extruded into the foam on the top of the coffee, with their stats imprinted on the cup. This revolutionary new coffee idea comes from Ripples, and is produced on their Ripple Maker—a compact, wifi connected device that uses a mixture of 3D printing and inkjet technology to produce the messages and images atop coffee. Read more at

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    no actual 3d printing involved.
    Must be slow news week :-)

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    That's honestly a little weird for me.

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    I see this quite innovative to be honest. Never heard of something like this, but it’s definitely intriguing for me. It could be something to chat about when going on a date. Personally, I love coffee and would say that I’m a true “addict’. I drink it maybe four times a day, so coffee dates for me are just the right way to go. However, often I feel quite nervous to do it, because I might go to the bathroom too often. So, recently I was googling how long does it take to pee after drinking water and found out quite some interesting information. Drinking too much coffee can also have some negative effects on your health.
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    Tinder was definitely a good app when it came out, but other dating platforms have bested it long ago. Why choose from random girls when I can click on a website I found on and start talking to some hot MILFs online? It makes sense to gravitate towards resources that are tailored to your tastes IMO.
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