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This is my 3D model. Not a very complicated and i get SLS prints for about 30 bucks and thats nice.

There seems to be a flaw in my design and i need to print it in some form of translucent material to see what the problem is.
Its a magazine for an AIRSOFT shotgun. The "vein" that goes inside there holds the bbs the gun fires. A spring pushed them out... Problem is, it jams i cant take many BBs in it, nor will it feed em out. One problem most likely is the rough surface of the SLS print but thats a minor issue, it should work, even if there is some dirt etc in it.

Is there a way to print these in see-thru material. Doesnt have to be very durable, it wont be under much stress. I keep getting quotes for over 250 euros for ONE. Thats absurd.

It doesnt have to be "clear" like injection molded plastic. Just enough to see white plastic BBs move inside, preferrably the spring also.