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    What Cad programs is best for kids?

    What CAD programs are best for kids age 8-15? Please give your thoughts aswell.

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    at that age I'd probably go with the 123d set of programs:
    tinkercad is supposed to be real easy to use.

    My personal choice is openscad, which would be ideal for any classes that also do coding.
    But the free autocad stuff is pretty good - and also free :-)

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    When I recently took a class, the teacher had everyone use SelfCAD.
    We were sent home with Homework to watch their youtube channel, which was good because you can learn only so much in a class.

    it was also free, check it out,

    it was a great first exposure to 3d printing
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    Someone should take the coffee away from the guy in the self cad video !

    Ah it's browser based.
    Given my internet is occasionally unreliable - online software is rarely on my list.

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    HAHAHAHHAHAHAH @ the coffee comment, SelfCAD Still the best to for kids to learn on IMO

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    Makers Empire is created specifically for K-8 schools to begin with the art of 3d modeling. This program contains many tools to 3d design and doesn't require CAD. This 3d printing program focus on teaching by academic training, and practical learning. It is really school oriented.

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