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    Angry new anet a8 having some issues

    ok so i bought my first 3d printer just to try it out and maybe et into it and i love it so far havent had many issues. but a couple...the top layer of my prints always has holes? not sure y? and my prints are sticking to my bedso bad im destroying them just trying to get them off(i dont have a scraper but i hope to get one soon. im also using blue painters tape to get filament to stick to good) will have pics of the prints problems. any advice would be great...

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    never mind wont let me post pics?? but link to pic
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    Quote Originally Posted by conn55255 View Post
    never mind wont let me post pics??
    FYI - your images are too large to upload. Like many forums, 3dprintboard has constraints on attachments that are increasingly frustrating since nearly all raw photograph image files are high resolution these days. Cropping and/or reducing the resolution to something like 800x600 usually does it for me, although on occasion I've had to play with JPEG compression to reduce the overall filesize.

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