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    Miguel Zavala Releases New 3D Printable D&D Models

    Miguel Zavala, a US Army vet, 3D designer, and Dungeons & Dragons player, was the focus of’s most heavily trafficked and shared article of 2016…or rather, the impressively detailed collection of 300 3D printed D&D monster models he created was the focus. He began this massive undertaking in 2015, and released the last of his models last summer. Even though this was a pretty huge project, we knew we hadn’t seen the last of Zavala, and we were right! His new collection of 3D printed minis is titled “Out of the Abyss,” and is inspired by the D&D source book of the same title. Read more at

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    This is very cool.
    I don't get to play anymore but I do still occasionally collect figures that catch my eye.
    Being able to make my own is going to be fun.
    He did a great job with these.
    Nice work Miguel.
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