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    Quote Originally Posted by Davo View Post
    Actually, for anything in ABS over 30mm in length, you WILL want a heated enclosure.
    OK,thank you!

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    I have no experience with two of the printers on your list but I do have a prusa MK2 which I got as a kit. This is a solid printer with a good support community. they actively work on the firmware and supply a modified version of Slic3r with some tested presets which does a nice job.

    Some things to think about. If you want something other than PLA you will need an enclosed chamber of some type to hold heat and stabilize the temps. Many build their own for the Prusa style printers.

    On resolution. Many claim great resolutions of .05-.02 but will never actually achieve them so be realistic. I print at .1 and it can be a challenge on first layer etc. not to mention time. For instance I did a print at .2 that took 22 hours and at .1 would have taken 56 hours according to the estimate from the slicer. I would google on resolutions to get some insight.

    Two printers to consider that I like are the QIDI Tech-1 and the Flashforge Creator Pro. Both solid printers.

    Read this article for more information 3d printer cheap.
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