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    Turntable scan, flipping object, never aligns

    Hello, first time poster:

    I have a small object 2x3x1 inches. The object is not symmetrical at all. When I do a turntable scan (20 steps - just for kicks) everything looks great. I then flip the object over to get data on the unprocessed underside of the object with an additional scan. Another great scan occurs, but every single time I try to merge the two scans (just pressing the green checkmark) I get a flipped (180 degrees) version of my object superimposed on my original. I would think that there is definitely enough data to align the two no problem, but it just doesn't. I can manually align, but I hate doing that because I feel like it doesn't turn out as well. If I were to just rotate the object, and not flip it, for additional scans, it works as it should.

    I could of sworn I read somebody else having this issue, but I can't remember what their work around was. Any tips?

    Thanks a ton!

    Dr Fill

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    Have you tried manual alignment ?

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