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    Here's my full disclosure of what I know.

    The problem first noted by Awerby is driven by advertising space that is now allocated in the first and last posts displayed on every page of 3dprintboard content. This became apparent in studying the page source for what we see as users. Once that was determined, I realized that small click-bait type ads do sometimes appear as insertions in those first and last posts, at least viewed on my Android phone with Chrome as the browser.

    Fine. Some form of revenue has to pay the bills. I think we can all understand that. But here's what I think is the *real* rub. Somewhere in the management flow of 3DR Holdings LLC through the site admins, 3dprintboard seems to be losing it's ability to provide viable content to its users. Here we have legitimate, 2-year and 3-year users indicating that 3dprintboard has become useless to them for viewing core content, and we know it is because space allocated to advertising leaves no room for the core content on some devices. In what realm does this make sense?

    The problem with the first and last entries on a page is aggravated by browser space lost to the right sidebar, which seems to be taking up more and more width over time. The right sidebar is what contains categories such as sponsor ads, hot topics, links back to 3dprint, etc.

    Until the allocation to advertising gets resized or removed from the first/last page entries, until the option to disable to right sidebar gets removed, or until this post gets purged from the system, users struggling with the loss of content in first and last posts on their devices can disable the right sidebar column through clicking the small arrow brackets at the top of the sidebar. Unfortunately, the brackets may be partially hidden from view due to the current uppermost sponsor ad being a bit oversized, but you can still click on the arrow brackets if you know they are there.

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    well the right sidebar is optional. Mine's currently shut down.

    That said I don't use a smart phone and on my tablet I always use the 'desktop' setting for websites. So not had any issues.

    What i do find annoying is the socail media bar, it does have a 'piss off' arrow, but has started popping back by itself.

    I have tried to explain that you get more forum members by supplying a web environment that's easy to use and not obviously begging for money.
    It's the standard law of diminishing returns. You will always make more money by 'charging' a small amount to a large number of people, than by trying to squeeze a lot of money from a small amount of people (carbon will learn this fairly soon I think).
    Plus the more active members a forum has, the more it will attract.

    But as the bible says (probably) 'some fell on stony ground'.

    Ah back on windows 7 and the adverts inserted into the actual posts have started showing up. What is annoying is that it's forcing the text to be reformatted into very narrow columns - even on posts without adverts.
    Wonder of this is a java script - because my xp machine is on an old version of java and I don't have this problem on it. Whereas the windows 7 machines have up to date java and annoyingly narrow columns.

    At the end of the day all this is just going to deter new forum members and drive away existing ones.
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    iPad (Mercury app) sucks as well.

    changing the display mode on the site is helping... But it's quite frustrating, and given how many only use tablets these days... Not a wise move.

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    thanks you for share

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