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    Slicer Settings for easy to remove supports

    I was using version 0.9.9 and recently switch to 1.29. My biggest issue is mastering the support settings, I expect to have to do some work, but in some cases its a real pain, does anybody have settings they have found good to weaken the bond of the supports. Thanks.

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    Which slicer??? There are tons of them out there...

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    I've had to use supports twice - both for sliding battery cover replacements.
    I just could not get either the auto generated supports or the custom placed ones to work from simplify3d.
    In the end I just made my own and incorporated them into the design.

    I left a gap the same height as the layer print - 0.2mm. Makes them really easy to remove but effective as supports.
    Other than that I just design for things to print without supports - makes life a lot easier.

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    sorry I was referring to Sli3r

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    considering the support structure when you design it should be the best choice

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    I found this video useful, when I was learning how to use a slicer, even though you are using Slic3r, and this video is for SelfCAD, I still think you will find it helpful as I did.

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