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    How to split a single .stl into 2 or more for dual extrusion

    I am trying to learn how to make a model and then split the .stl into 2 or more files for dual extrusion. Once I have this knowledge and expertise, I will move on to building/creating a 6 to 10 filament 3d Printer, if it is possible.
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    well I use openscad for designing and that makes it extremely easy to split files.

    Can't help with anything else :-)

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    Netfabb can split 3D models into two or more parts.

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    In Solidworks and Rhino, and other surface modellers for that matter, you create surfaces with which you can boolean split a solid. You construct a surface just like any other surface and can use as many subsequent splits as desired. Then simply output the separate solids as mesh files with the same coordinate system and they will combine together in slicers like Cura.

    Also in Grasshopper you can easily create split parts, for example by dividing curves and surfaces into different parts to generate separate breps that you can bake and save to STL.

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    I'm new, was just playing with this the other day - in 123D Design & Simplify3d

    create what it is you would like, make sure there are at least 2 pieces & everything is where you want it
    select the parts you don't want for the first filament, hide them by selecting them and then clicking the little eye icon
    now export to stl the first part
    unhide everything
    now hide everything that you exported the first time
    export the second set to stl
    import both into Simplify3D
    tools menu->dual extrusion wizard
    follow the wizard.

    not sure you can do more than 2

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