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CA, how do those compare to ColorFabb BronzeFill, or BrassFill, or AluFill? Are they polishable? Do they have the metallic weight and oxidation effects or is it more just a color effect only?
Totally different animal. These are essentially pla coloured with metal powder. I believe it' 30% metal and 70% pla
So if you want a strong print that looks like metal - get the stuff from http://www.3dexfilament.com/

The colorfabb stuff is completely different and is essentially metal powder loosely glued together with a little pla.
80% metal and 20% pla I think.

If you want a really weak print that needs an awful lot of post processing to look matallic - but does have weight and oxidation effects - then get the colorfabb. Just bear in mind it's completely useless for any kind of structural print thats going to have ANY stress put on it.
It does make very cool figures and statues. But, oh man it takes an awful lot of sanding and polishing.
I actually like the bronzefill au natural - without polishing. As it has a rough, almost ceramic appearance and texture.
Haven't bothered with any of the other colorfabb metal filaments.