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    Making tire treads?

    I am very new to this and have a question. I posted this on general page but maybe someone here can help me.
    I can make a tire shape but cant figure out how to get the treads on or into the tire?
    is there any tutorials or or videos or anything out there that can help me?
    Or is there anyone on here that knows how to make a tire that can help me out?


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    Well, it would depend if you have any verticies from which you can create an extrusion from the main object in your modelling software. Most developers provide tutorials with their software, so I'd give it a look to learn the basics on the path of WORLD DOMINATION! Well, maybe of your own world, anywho... ^_^

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    easiest way - for me - would be to use openscad.
    tire is just a cylinder or torus shape. treads would just be done on a for-next loop.
    You could do the entire model in about 10 lines of script.

    what sort of tread you after ? (picture would be useful)

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    thanks for the help, but i think i have it figured out, might not be the easiest way but it seems to work for me! (maybe LOL)!
    As far as type of tread i am not really worried about the size or shape just a generic tread pattern

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    You don't give us much to go on. Software? Type of tyre? (Car, motorbike, tractor)

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    my bad i am using 123d design and trying to make a low profile street tire, like i said before nothing crazy just generic.

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    Good luck. In the end, it's all about what works for us. All the best!

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    You said you figured it out, can you share what it looks like and how you did it?

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    i think but havnt run any yet but will see how it works and let yall know

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