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    On board preferences through makerware changing axis size

    New to the forum.......HEY, had my printer for a fair while now and must have 800 plus hours on it or so. I did manage to out grow the bed within the first two weeks as you do, so now im thinking i want to enlarge my ctc printer similar to the one "(Unofficial) Replicator XL" but bigger still.
    my question is, when i connect my printer to my computer and go into on board preferences, makerware software there is an option to change the length of the axis. If i build an enlarged version of my CTC printer using my orginal printer for parts could it be as simple as changing these settings to the new size?
    thanks in advance

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    That's all you would need to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    That's all you would need to do.

    thanks for the quick answer.Do you know if anyone has done it that way before, other people seem to think its not that easy haha

    thanks again

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