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    How does Solidoodle compare with MakerBot and RepRap

    Has anyone used a Solidoodle who has also used another one of the top name brand 3d printers out there? I would be curious to know how the Solidoodle performs when compared with the MakerBot and/or the RepRap. Anyone have experience with these?


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    I have used a Solidoodle one time, and a Makerbot Replicator several times. It may be just because I am so used to using the Replicator but I feel it is more user friendly then the Solidoodle. Both are good quality printers, that will leave your products looking good, in my opinion.

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    I truly believe that the Solidoodle 3 is very comparable to the Replicator 2 and most RepRap printers.

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    I have a solidoodle 2 and a Rostock Max, but it's hard to compare, different prices, different system also the one is already build the second is a kit.
    But for the printing quality and speed the Rostock is far better.

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