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    TILESCAPE™ DUNGEONS modular terrain system Kickstarter

    Tilescape™ is a 3D printable terrain system that is designed for any types of miniatures from 28mm up to 32mm heroic-sized.

    We have already unlocked 8 stretch goals!

    If anyone is interested we do have a couple more early bird pledge levels left, the wont last more than a few hours most likely.


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    Ok ALL 100 early bird pledge levels are now gone, but we still have some great pledge levels remaining!

    Including the
    KING OF THIEVES level which includes:

    !!!!! EVERYTHING !!!!
    ALL THREE CORE SETS + ALL ADD-ONS + ALL unlocked Stretch Goals.

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    The 8th stretch goal was unlocked earlier today:

    And we are well on our way to the next!

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