Hi I have been having some strange issues with the extruder on my delta printer and any help at all would be really appreciated. I found that the extruder was turning the wrong way at seemingly random points during the print. After a while I realized that whenever the extruder had to reverse or pull out filament it would then only turn in that direction. So for example if 10 minutes into the print, retraction occurred, then for the rest of the print the extruder would only turn in reverse, turning extra fast when it was supposed to retract again. I can replicate the results by adding some lines to my start.gcode in cura, I made the extruder go extrude 3mm and that was fine, then -1.5mm worked as well, but then when i have it extrude another 3mm this time it goes the wrong way. As long as I turn off retraction the print finishes fine, but I want to print in PETG so I kind of need retraction. Reversing the direction in marlin doesn't solve it and neither does physically reversing the connector. I'v also tried about 5 different variants of marlin so i think I can rule that out. I've also tried swapping out my stepper driver with a known good one and that didn't help either. I'm at a bit of a loss here and I would really appreciate any help, or advise you can give.

Printer: Kossel Mini
Extruder: Bowden
Firmware: Marlin 1.1.0 RC7 (I've tried stable versions and other forks though)
Config.h: Configuration.h
slicer: Cura