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    Useful guide for flexibles - includes extruder modification instructions

    'For some reason the links have died - I've contacted fffworld and hopefully will have the articles back soon - CA'

    Curtesy of the nice folk at fffworld - who gave me the flexismart sample, that's down to a few metres and I've since bought another kg.
    Best flexible rubber filament I've tried yet :-)
    Downloadable pdf that gives details of the simple extruder modification (using ptfe tube) that lets you print just about any problematic tpu/tpe.
    My klick-n-print doesn't need it - but any other replicator clones will probably benefit from this modification.
    The pdf also includes a variety of other modifications that can be done on different extruder setups - in fact this is the most comprehensive guide and explanation to getting flexible filaments working well, I've yet seen.
    Covers everything from diy modifications, to which extruders are designed for flexibles, to retraction and print settings.
    If you've ever had issues printing flexible filaments - you need to read this pdf !

    Cheers guys :-)

    For anyone who speaks spanish there's a more comprehensive pdf where they list bibliographies and discuss it in more depth
    It is in spanish :-)

    Full list in english, spanish, italian and german:

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