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    Inside 3D Printing Conference in San Diego - Dec 14-15 - Who's going?

    I'm planning on making the trip across country to attend Inside 3D Printing in San Diego in December. Any other forum members planning on attending? I'd love to meet up.

    This will be my 5th Inside 3D Printing Conference and I know I always look forward to them.

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    so what sort of stuff goes on at these then ?

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    They are always very informative. The exhibits usually include the biggest 3d printer and filament manufacturers in the world, and you get to see the latest technology first hand. As far as the conferences go, they have multiple tracks where you can learn quite a lot from experts and executives within the industry.

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    It looks like I'll be going - one of my sculptures will be in the Nature Game they're running, sort of a Turing test for 3D objects. And I'll probably be in a panel discussion as well. So sure, let's meet up.

    Andrew Werby

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    Sorry I missed it. Looks like it was a great conference.

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    Wow, thanks for the write-up. My favorite of the printers you mentioned is the Arfona. I think dentistry will probably be one of the first contact points for 3D printing for most people.

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    It seems I know this information a bit late

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    If I can go for work as a business trip, then I suppose I'd have to :P

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